Advanced Training

*Note: MACO Operatives must complete basic training level 2 before applying for an advanced training.

Alpha – Indirect Action
MACO ALPHA Operatives are the backbone of the MACO Teams. These Operative are the Ground Forces equivalent of the Shipboard Security and Tactical Personnel.

Alpha Training Application

Beta – Special Reconnaissance
MACO BETA Recon Operatives are elite operatives specializing in deep penetrating, long range missions. They are tasked by MACO Command to engage in surveillance, reconnaissance, target acquisition, damage assessment and terrain weather monitoring.

Beta Training Application

Gamma – Raiders
MACO Gamma Operatives are extensively trained in land war combat, specializing in jungle, desert, or arctic combat, along with the appropriate survival skills. They also specialize in training indigenous personnel to act as force multipliers

Gamma Training Application

Delta – Direct Action
MACO Delta Operatives are operatives trained in space, sea, air and land operations. It’s not unheard of for a Delta operative to be dropped from orbit, paradrop through the sky, land in the sea, swim 10 miles, infiltrate an enemy base and place demolitions.

Delta Training Application

Epsilon – Intelligence
MACO Epsilon Operatives gather intelligence, either by covert or overt means, belong to this branch. These operatives are responsible for infiltrating another society, gathering information and sending it back to the analyst. Gamma operatives often work alone or in small groups.

Epsilon Training Application

Omega – Counter-Intelligence
MACO Omega Operatives are highly qualified in all aspects of MACO, from Alpha to Gamma. They also have additional skills to make them better.

Omega Training Application