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Ribbon Order of Precedence



SFI Honor Guard

SFI Great Barrier Award

SFI Community Service Citation

SFI United Federation of Planets Embassy Award

SFI Joint Service Ribbon

SFI Medical or Advanced Medical Proficiency Ribbon
(only the highest Award worn)

Legion of Arms

Cadet Legion of Arms

Pike Cross Award

Admiral Forrest Leadership Award
(only the highest Award worn)

SFSO Commendation Award

SFSO Achievement

Meritorious SOU Commendation

General Martok Service Award

SFSO Conclave
(Physical with frame, Virtual without frame)

Special Projects Award

Special Activities Award

Recruiting or Master Recruiting Ribbon
(only the highest Award worn)

Basic Training Ribbon
(with number Device for Grade Level)

Tour of Duty Ribbon

Daystrom Academic Acheivement Ribbon

Combined Forces Ribbon

Gannet Brooks Award
(1st or 2nd Class - only the highest Award worn)

Kirk Leadership Award

Major Hayes Award - Alpha

Major Hayes Award - Beta

Major Hayes Award - Gamma

Major Hayes Award - Epsilon

Major Hayes Award - Omega