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Specialty Training

SFSO Training Record – October 2023

Aerospace Specialist: Aerospace Specialists are operatives who specialize in space flight with emphasis on rocketry, orbital mechanics and propulsion.  These operatives also master the use of space tools and wearing and maintaining space suits as well as how to work escape pods.

Aerospace Specialist Application Form

Astronomy Specialist: Astronomy Specialists expertise offer valuable contributions to the Federation’s missions of exploration of new worlds.  These Operatives specialize in the different types of galaxies, planets, stars and other space phenomena, such as black holes.  

Astronomy Specialist Application Form

Communications Specialist: Communications Specialists act as information distributors, customer and operators. They maintain, install and manage telecommunications facilities. Communication Specialists also provide project management and systems integration for LCARS and other Data communication systems, supervise installation of these systems and provide maintenance and support to SFSO.

Communications Specialist Application Form

Engineering Specialist: Operatives who are specialists in engineering principles as well as technology like lasers, plasma, robotics, and starship design.

Engineering Specialist Application Form

Flight Operations Specialist: Operatives who specialize in different forms of flight, maneuvers, aerodynamics, and Astrocartography.

Flight Operations Specialist Application Form

Historian: Historians responsibilities vary depending upon assignment, but many include providing quick-reference service in support of current intelligence production, using a broad variety of classified and unclassified resources; providing in-depth reference support for finished intelligence products and other research projects, utilizing SFSO/MACO, Federation, Starfleet and SFMC or academic resources; participating in the planning and management of data collected; serving in selected other offices as a resource/research focal point.

Historian Specialist Application Form

Intelligence Analysis Specialist: Operatives who specialize in the use of propaganda, cryptography, covert weapons and methods of surveillance.

Intelligence Analysis Specialist Application Form

Legal Affairs Specialist: Legal Affairs Specialists are professionals who provide case management, legal research, case cite verification, blue book citations and general paralegal support to the Strategic and Support Services Operations. Legal Affairs Specialists support legal issues relating to foreign intelligence, counterintelligence activities, civil and criminal litigation.

Legal Affairs Specialist Application Form

Medical Specialist:  Operatives who are trained in emergency medicine, first aid and triage to help the injured until they can be brought to a doctor.  They are also active in other medical research and research with SFSO/MACO Scientists.

Medical Specialist Application Form

Science Specialist:  A SFSO/MACO Scientists technical knowledge and expertise can make a valuable contribution to the Federation’s strength and security. These scientists will foster research and drive technology; lead the industry with advanced work and breakthrough innovation; tackle challenges simply not encountered in the private sector.

Science Specialist Application Form

Sniper: Like the Weapons Specialist, Snipers are operatives who have an intricate knowledge of ammunition and a variety of weapons, lethal and non-lethal. They have specialized in marksmanship, field skills, movement and concealment and are extremely vital to the safety of any covert mission.

Sniper Specialist Application Form

Survival Specialist: Survival Specialists are operatives who are specifically trained to operate while amidst severe weather conditions and dangerous natural occurrences.  These Operatives are also trained on how to survive off the land without supplies.

Survival Specialist Application Form

VIP Protection Specialist: Operatives may serve as an armed escort for a diplomat, high ranking officer, VIP or even a prisoner.  An operative may also act as a courier, hostage negotiation and survival.

VIP Protection Specialist Application Form

Weapons: Operatives who have an intricate knowledge of ammunition and a variety of weapons, lethal and non-lethal.  These operatives also have an understanding of weapons used by Federation Allies and Enemies.

Weapons Specialist Application Form

Xenology Specialist: Xenologists are Specialists who are knowledgeable and skilled in the different species of the Quadrants. Some Xenologists will also further specialize in a particular species. Their knowledge is useful when SFSO/MACO needs to plan for missions on foreign planets. Field Xenologists may accompany reconnaissance teams into the field.

Xenology Specialist Application Form